Application range of Sodium Perfluorononyloxybenzenesulfonate

Anionic fluorosurfactant--sodium perfluorononenyloxybenzene sulfonate (abbreviated as OBS in China) is a surfactant with high surface activity, high surface activity, excellent chemical resistance, and water and oil repellency. Used in detergents, latex, paint, pigment additives, emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, fluoroprotein fire extinguishing agents, petroleum repellents, oil collectors, foaming agents, antistatic agents, lubricating additives, chromium mist inhibitors, Metal, plastic etching additives, leveling agents, mold release agents, paper oil-repellent treatment agents and other fields. To improve production process conditions, improve product quality, increase output, reduce consumption, save energy, improve production environment, and increase production efficiency.
Sodium Perfluorononyloxybenzenesulfonate is your good choice.