Features of Replacement For R12gas Refrigerant Gas R600a

Foreword Looking for an ideal CFC alternative technology for refrigerators, the Chilowa Electric Group Corporation chose a one-step solution, namely: the blowing agent uses cyclopentane, the refrigerant uses isobutane R600a, and their ozone layer destruction coefficient ODP value = 0 and The greenhouse effect coefficient GWP value is almost =0, realizing 100% replacement replacement. In terms of refrigerant CFC replacement, the Technology Development Department of Chilowa Electric Group cooperated with the Food Refrigeration and Process Engineering Research Center of the University of Bristol (BRISTOL) in the United Kingdom. Joint research and development, through hundreds of experiments, has now developed more than a dozen products of CFC-free refrigerators and freezers, their temperature indicators have reached international standards, and energy consumption has been reduced by 20% compared to R12. by 20% compared to R12. Replacement For R12gas Refrigerant Gas R600a  is your good choice.